Denis Sullivan


Featured below are photos that Michael took during a visit to Milwaukee, WI, in July, 2001, when he and Charles had the opportunity to enjoy a 3 hour day-sail aboard the S/V Denis Sullivan on Lake Michigan.  This 133, three masted schooner is a re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes schooner that was built on Lake Michigan and first launched in 1999.  For more information about this vessel and its various educational activities visit the website for the Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Association by clicking on their logo below. 

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The following picture was taken from aboard the S/V Denis Sullivan.  The boat was built during spring, 2001, completely from plywood by a group of college students who were living aboard during the summer while traveling Lake Michigan.  The boat is patterned after a Dutch cargo vessel, and is rated to carry up to 20 tons of cargo.  During our S/V Denis Sullivan day sail the boat was anchored in Milwaukee’s inner harbor, and the crew appeared to be having a jolly time hanging out on board, downing a few beers, and singing pirate songs for their own enjoyment.